4 tips for keeping employees comfortable in the hot weather

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employee comfort hot summer
This recent very hot, humid weather cannot have bypassed you, so what can you as an employer do to ensure the comfort of your employees?
  1. Make sure that all employees have access to a good supply of drinking water – if it can be chilled, all the better.
  2. It is a myth that there is a maximum temperature in the workplace above which employees can down tools and go home. However, an employer would be expected to make sure that the temperature is reasonable.
  3. Dress codes could be relaxed but you may want to draw the line at shorts, t shirts and flips flops! Advise employees that you are happy to relax the dress code but make sure they know what is and is not acceptable.
  4. Buying the odd ice cream goes down a real treat and won’t break the bank!

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