Can I contact an employee whilst they are off sick?

In recent months we have heard from many of our clients that their employees have been absent from work due to a serious bout of cold bugs. The question always arises as to whether they can contact them when they are off sick.

Post Christmas – How Are Your Employees Feeling?

After all the months of hype up to the Christmas celebrations and then the long enjoyed holiday break, January can be a time when employees are feeling low for a number of reasons.

2020 Bank Holidays in England and Wales

As there are a couple of changes to bank holidays this year, we thought the information below may be a useful reminder:

What Is A Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement (previously referred to as Compromise Agreement) is a way whereby an employer and employee can part company on agreed terms.

What the Veganism Judgement Really Means for Employers

Even if you weren’t following last week’s employment tribunal, you will have no doubt heard in the news or on social media that a Judge has ruled that vegans are protected from discrimination.

Keep Calm and Don’t Ask the Wrong Questions

The Equality Act 2010 identifies nine protected characteristics that you cannot discriminate against: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Living Wage to Rise by 6.2% in April

The Government has announced the “biggest cash increase ever” for workers earning the National Living Wage. However, the British Chamber of Commerce have expressed concern at the move

How Many of your Employees run a “Side Hustle”?

What’s a side hustle? This is the name for the increasing trend of employees running a small business side-line in their own time, alongside their main employment.

Tips to Make Sure You Get An Investigation Right

Getting an investigation right is very important, especially if you must subsequently defend your company at an employment tribunal.

Top Tips to Avoid Illegal or Inappropriate Interview Questions

Most employers understand that they are no longer able to ask questions at interview that are obviously discriminatory. However, when you’re trying to put the candidate at ease and build rapport, it is easy to innocently “slip up”

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