In over 22 years no client that has followed our advice has ever fallen foul of an HR or employment law minefield. Let us help you do that same.

Whether you’re a new employer or an established business, our team can help make navigating your responsibilites as an employer a breeze. So whether you’ve got a pressing HR issue you need help with – or are looking to proactively head one off by getting the right documents and system in place – get in touch and we’ll help and protect you every step of the way.


Do your HR policies and procedures comply with current law? We’ll explain your obligations and help you develop the right solution for your business

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Hiring employees can be the most important decision a business makes – and also one of the riskiest.We’ll help turn your people into an asset that drives your business forward.

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How HR confident are your managers? We’ll help them get the best from your people, spot and resolve potential issues, and avert HR headaches on the way.

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Are you happy with your employees’ performance? We’ll help you create a culture that expects – and delivers – the very best from your employees

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Crispin Rhodes always interpret the law and best practice in a sensible manner that works for their clients whether they are big or small

Jacky Sherman, Consultant

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