Stay up-to-date with retirement legislation
...and steer a safe course with your employees
When a member of your staff is approaching retirement, it's important to know where you stand as the employer and what to do if that person expresses a desire to continue working.

Older employees can add immense value and experience to your business, and yet it may not be feasible for you to continue to employ them after retirement age. It's vital to follow the correct procedures in any situation like this, whether or not the employee stays with

At Crispin Rhodes we make sure you provide all the necessary written notifications of forthcoming retirement dates to relevant staff, and, where an employee wants to continue working, we help you explore ways to make this possible and reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

A member of staff may want to continue working indefinitely or may prefer to postpone retirement for a specific period of time. We'll guide and advise you throughout and clarify what the process and the outcome mean for your business and for other staff of a similar age.

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