Effective Absence Management
Reduce absence and retain staff for longer
Retaining Staff by Managing Absence
Absenteeism costs UK companies and the UK economy billions every year in lost working time and poor productivity. The longer someone is absent, the harder it becomes for them to return to work - and to full health.

We help you take action early to stop an employee's absence turning into long-term sick-leave. With a robust sickness policy, a solid return-to-work policy and by keeping absent employees informed and involved, you can ease people back into their working routine more quickly.

If you don't manage absence tightly, you risk not only higher staff costs and greater disruption, but also potential repercussions from other disgruntled staff having to continually cover for people. By working with Crispin Rhodes, our clients have been able to reduce absence by up to 50% in the first year, in one instance saving over £200,000.
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Statutory Sick Pay
Stay up-to-date with the rules surrounding absence, illness and incapacity benefits. We guide you through the ins and outs of Contractual Sick Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, eligibility and entitlements.

To find out more about Statutory Sick Pay and how it affects your business, visit the HM Revenue & Customs website.