Recruitment and Psychometric Profiling
Comprehensive recruitment and psychometric profiling services
Save time and make the right choice of candidate
Recruitment and Psychometric Profiling
Recruitment can seem simple enough - but it can also turn into a legal minefield, with some companies being taken to an employment tribunal by a candidate they've never met! We make sure you avoid that.

We help with job specifications, design and placement of advertisements, interview planning and execution, short-listing, final appointment, probation periods and induction. You can use us for the whole project or for just part of it - whatever you need. It means you keep your time free to focus on business.
Psychometric profiling
Now you can protect against the unknown before you appoint someone new. With psychometric profiling you can find out more about a candidate's personality and potential, strengths and weaknesses, and behaviour under pressure and as part of a team. It takes the risk and worry out of actually making an appointment, and you feel more confident that you're selecting the right team member.

Our recruitment and profiling services also facilitate better management and development of your employees.
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