Discipline and Grievance
Take the right action at the right time - right from the start
Discipline and Grievance
Avoid falling down on procedure and prompting expensive claims. We show you the right things to do and say - and the right order in which to do them - so you can safeguard your management time, take control and maintain a positive work environment.

We also help you organise independent investigations and hearings, act as a witness or 'take notes' for you in a disciplinary interview (giving you subtle signals to prevent mistakes), and help you resolve disputes. Having someone present from outside your business helps make sure you take account of all relevant circumstances. It also means you keep disruption to day-to-day business to a minimum.
Training for your managers
Ask about the half-day training sessions we can run at your premises. They help build confidence for your managers and supervisors, so that they act appropriately and within the law in discipline and grievance situations - and stop your company falling into hot water.
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