Complying with Employment Legislation
Do your HR policies and proceedures comply with current law?
Complying with Employment Legislation
Personnel management audit and report
As an employer you must provide contracts and employee handbooks for your staff. Contact us now for a FREE 1-hour, no-obligation review of your HR-related policies and procedures PLUS a useful summary report (worth £297) - absolutely FREE. It's an efficient way for you to explore if and where your procedures and paperwork might need tightening up or updating. And remember, it's FREE.
Contracts of employment
Are your terms and conditions of employment up-to-date? Could you be at risk of being taken to a tribunal by an employee? Do you have contracts in place but no other policies? Every employee must have a contract - it's the law. We can provide you with model contracts tailored specifically for your business and your members of staff, taking on board up-to-the-minute employment legislation.
Employee handbooks
Make sure all your employees know their entitlements in terms of benefits, cars, holidays and what you expect of them. When all your policies and procedures are clearly set out, it's a great source of reference and helps avoid misunderstandings and future headaches. It saves your managers wasting time answering questions from staff. An up-to-date employee handbook will answer the questions for you, making your whole operation run much more smoothly!
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