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It is wonderful to be able to say that we have opened our first office in Scotland. It is also brilliant to be able to extend a very warm welcome to Sheena Doyle who has just joined the Crispin Rhodes family and has opened the new office in Edinburgh.

Sheena joins us with a wealth of experience not only in HR but HR in Scotland. This is our first office in Scotland and we are pleased to have Sheena on board as she understands the slight differences in Scottish employment law and the implications for employers.

Sheena brings with her experience across a number of sectors including retail, financial services and manufacturing with companies that include Boots, Starbucks, RBS and Pepsi. She is a Fellow of the CIPD.

Sheena is a big sports fan and likes to spend time watching football and tennis in particular. During her induction we had a number of conversations about Andy Murray and his efforts to raise money for charity. She has also been an active member of a Relay for Life team for a number of years raising a significant amount of money for Cancer Research.

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