Hiring a new employee can be the most crucial decision you make in your business - and also one of the riskiest. It's even possible to end up facing an employment tribunal against a candidate you've never even met!

Your Crispin Rhodes HR Partner can help you through the entire recruitment process, making sure that you not only hire the best candidate - but that you avoid a legal minefield on the way.


How you recruit your staff and the contracts you give them is crucial to the growth of your team and the success of your company. The problem is, understanding the options can be confusing and getting it wrong can be costly both financially and in terms of time and frustration. And it's made even worse by constant changes in employment law and common misconceptions - for example, did you know that you now can't take on an unpaid intern? If they are going to perform any work for you, then they must at least be paid the National Minimum/Living Wage.

With Crispin Rhodes you have a confidential sounding board for all of your recruitment plans and together we'll help you build a flexible team who can support your business as it grows.


Successful recruitment comes down to finding and hiring the best employee for your company. Unfortunately the time and costs involved can quickly add up, especially if the process isn't carried our efficiently.

We can support you with a flexible recruitment package that offers you the support you need without any of the costs you don't, including:
  • job descriptions and person specifications
  • design and placement of advertisements
  • short-listing
  • interview planning and execution
  • psychometric profiling
  • motivational mapping
  • short-listing
  • final appointment
In short, working with Crispin Rhodes leaves you free to focus on your business safe in the knowledge you'll hire the best candidate in the most cost effective way possible.


Once you've found the ideal candidate, it's important you integrate them into your business in the smoothest and most supportive way possible. The last thing you want is to invest the time and money in finding your next employee only for them to leave because of how their first few weeks were handled!

We can help you manage the entire onboarding process by preparing the employee contract, helping you plan and deliver the best induction, and managing the probation period. And beyond that, our cloud HR solution will make sure their first year - and every year thereafter - meets their expectations and your HR obligations.