Parents have some of the most complex rights of all your employees, and a significant number of tribunal claims involve employers who infringe them. We can help you understand your obligations, both now and as the law changes in the future.

If you're an employer, special consideration needs to be given to your employees with children. Not only do they have additional statutory benefits when they become parents, but there are also laws and privileges which can extend up to a child’s 18th birthday. These include:

Statutory Maternity Pay

When a female member of staff falls pregnant, she's entitled to time off for antenatal hospital appointments and pregnancy-related sickness. There is also specific legislation covering maternity leave, entitlements and returning to work.

Statutory Paternity Pay

Similar to Maternity Pay, new fathers (whether the biological father or the mother's partner) are entitled to paid leave. We help you explore who qualifies for what benefits and show you how to manage payments.

Statutory Adoption Pay

Newly matched parents of adopted children are entitled to paid time off and the same kind of benefits as other parents. We show you how to manage this.

Other Parental Benefits

From rights to request flexible working arrangements and time off in emergencies, through to possible inadvertent disability discrimination against parents with disabled children - we'll show you how to manage your employees' rights without compromising your day-to-day business.