Advice for Employers on Avoiding Tribunal Claims

Employment tribunal cases have sky rocketed since fees were abolished in July 2017, by as much as 130%, according to the Ministry of Justice.

UK Experiences The Lowest Unemployment Levels in 44 Years

The UK’s unemployment rates have reached a 44-year low according to the Office for National Statistics. Figures for November to January showed a jobless rate of 3.9%, which is well below the EU average of 6.5%.

Top Tips for Managing Poor Performance

Do you have an employee whose performance isn’t up to parr? Is a member of the team standing out, but for the wrong reasons?

What You Need To Know About The EU Settlement Scheme

Amidst the uncertainty and chaos of Brexit, one assured change is in the law for EU, EEA* and Swiss citizens employed Britain and Northern Ireland.

Advice for Employees Working Outside of Office Hours

A recent report shows that 35% of British employees work longer than their contracted hours with as many as 8% of us working up to 20 extra hours a week.

What are candidates looking for?

How do people gauge whether or not their job is a ‘good one’? Is it having a big pay cheque, development opportunities and a good benefits package? Or perhaps it is the draw of less tangible benefits such as a social and fun atmosphere

Top Tips for Reducing Sickness Absence

This is the time of year that always seems to drag on; with long dark days that never seem to end, it is no wonder that the first Monday of February is ‘National Sickie Day’. An estimated 350,000 UK workers were expected to have called in sick to work on that day alone.

Managing Misophonia in the Workplace

We all know someone who struggles with the sound of eating and drinking, who cannot stand the sound of someone sniffing with a cold or perhaps being bothered by the sound of a keyboard.

Check Your Drivers

Smart Highways – you either love then or you hate them. They are said to regulate and improve the traffic flow on motorways and reduce the likelihood of delays but some criticise their safety with a lack of a hard shoulder to stop in when in an emergency situation.

Building a Strong Team

‘Team building’, for many of us this brings to mind awkward work days out clambering over obstacle courses, a ‘fun’ workshop in the office or perhaps the latest craze of escape rooms. Whilst these events can be very successful, they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

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