How To Onboard New Employees Successfully

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It is important to start with a well-planned process to recruit the right person. A good induction plan will include a pre-boarding stage, starting from the offer and acceptance. Induction is about training and building relationships to retain new talent and grow the business. Essentially, having a company culture capable of attracting, developing and retaining talented staff.

A failed plan costs in terms of recruitment and training. Unsuccessful plans can also impact on staff motivation, having to cover extra work loads, which will affect operating profits.

Getting the on-boarding journey right
  • The plan will prioritise list of actions along with due dates, persons and resources involved.
  • The plan should be shared with all stakeholders, it helps to think of this in terms of an onboarding journey and demonstrate the stages, people encountered, activities, and so on.
  • It is crucial that the entire induction period be focused on maximizing business-specific skills. These are the skills most likely to boost comfort and productivity in the new employee, gain recognition from the manager and other team members, and ensure a sense of loyalty.
  • It is important to value the previous experience, knowhow and expertise of new employees. Rolling out a generic training program would be frustrating for them, costly for the company and would reduce efficiency.
  • The induction training must seek to close the gap between the skills new employees must master and those that they already possess, and where possible will adapt to suit their preferred style of learning.

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