Labour Pledge £10 Minimum Wage for All Ages

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Jeremy Corbyn has pledged that if the Labour Party gain power, they will scrap the “youth rate” minimum wage so that employees of all ages will be paid a minimum of £10 per hour.

Current National Living Wage and National Minimum wage rates are:

25 and over – £8.21

21 to 24 years – £7.70

18 to 20 years – £6.15

Under 18 years – £4.35

Apprentice – £3.90

These rates would all be scrapped and everyone, no matter what their age, would be paid £10 per hour.

Jeremy Corbyn said: “Equal pay for equal work is hardly a controversial idea, so why are we discriminating against young people? You don’t get a discount at the shops for being under 18. But if the person serving you on the other side of the counter is young, they could be on half the wage of their colleagues. It’s time to end this discrimination. Young people’s work should be properly valued, not exploited by employers to cut their wage bill. If they’re doing the job, pay them the wage – the real living wage.”

He has pledged the increase will be funded by a reduction in the amount the Treasury pays in in-work benefits and that targeted support would be provided to SMEs to help them to pay the increased wages.

Will this lead to increased youth unemployment? Who knows?

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