Insurance of Business Equipment on Holiday

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Many of us will be travelling abroad on holiday during the coming months and up to 80% of us remain in contact with our employers by email or phone whilst away on annual leave. If their company-owned laptop or mobile is stolen during their trip will it be protected by their own holiday insurance if they have it, or will your business insurance cover them. It’s likely that the employee’s personal holiday insurance will only cover items that they themselves own. So, employers should ensure they have adequate protection in place under the business insurance that covers items outside of the UK. Check your insurance policy and confirm t your employees what is and is not covered. Make sure they understand that Company property must not be left unattended in a vehicle for example and what they need to do in the event that company-owned items are stolen. The insurance company will probably require a report to be made to he local policy within 24 hours and a crime reference number so that they can follow up the claim. Maintain a record of make, model and serial numbers of property issued to employees so that you have this information to pass on to insurers when required.

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