30% of Employees Regularly Inflate their Expenses

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Allstar Business Solutions have recently released the finding of a survey they carried out of 1,000 employees relating to their business expenses which showed that over one-third of employees regularly inflate their expenses and almost 20% of employees deliberately inflate their expenses which is estimated to cost employers somewhere in the region of £1.6 billion per year.

What’s worse is that 41% of the employees considered there to be nothing wrong in over-inflating their expenses despite their actions constituting fraud!

When asked in the survey why they over-claimed their expenses, 28% said it was simply because they were able to get away with it!

So, some tips to avoid this happening in your business…
  1. Tell your employees that you will be carrying out random spot checks on expense claims on a regular basis;
  2. Always spot check more than one employee each time to avoid any claims of being singled out or victimised;
  3. Check the miles claimed for business journeys – if an employee simply adds on a couple of miles to each journey and you are paying the HMRC rates of £0.45 per mile, this will soon add up;
  4. Check that journeys claimed have actually taken place, eg the meeting was held at your own premises rather than at the premises of a client yet the employee claims the mileage to the client’s premises;
  5. Ensure that original receipts are attached to each claim.

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