Electronic Fit Notes and the end of Fake Online Fit Notes

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It is anticipated that by early in 2013, most GP’s will be using the new electronic fit note system, “e-Med”, introduced by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). This new system enables fit notes to be completed using computer software – the days of being unable to decipher the GP’s handwriting will soon be over! Another plus point for employers is that each e-Med form will include a unique bar code which will make the fit note tamper proof and it will be possible to check the information matches the GP’s computer record. No more fake fit notes that are currently readily available at minimal cost online. The DWP has issued guidance for employers on this change which you can read here. This won’t completely eradicate the hand-written fit note as it is not anticipated that hospitals will use e-Med and it’s more than likely that a fit note resulting from a home visit by a GP will result in a hand-written fit note.

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