Benefits of Taking Holiday for Employee and Employer

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According to the 2018 Glassdoor Annual Leave Survey, only 40% of employees in the UK take their maximum holiday allowance each year, with only 50% saying they were able to completely switch off and relax whilst out of the office. Pressures at work such as workload, targets, challenging projects, lack of staff, the fear of getting behind or being in your managers bad books often deter many employees from taking a much needed break.

It is important to note the benefits of taking time off from work for yourself as well as the Company. Being over worked and under rested can lead to lack of concentration, errors, sluggishness, increased sickness, conflict in teams and ultimately everyone, including the Company, suffers. All the research shows that proper rest improves wellness and re-energises the body and mind, leading to improved motivation and performance. Promote a culture that makes the wellbeing of employees one of the Company’s’ main priorities, by highlighting the benefits of down time. Remind your people to take their time off, ideally off the radar, avoid contacting them on leave, ensure thorough handovers take place so that all is in hand and discourage them from checking in.

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