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Requests for Homeworking on the Increase

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We have had several requests for support in the last few months in dealing with requests from employees who want to work from home. (read more)

Ten Tips on Workplace Mediation

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Having a cohesive workplace is important for the business as well as the employee, we spend a third of our day with our work colleagues so it is important that we have a decent and respectful relationships with them. (read more)

What Is The Cycle To Work Scheme?

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Are you thinking ahead to New Year’s resolutions and kick starting a healthier lifestyle? The Cycle to Work Scheme could be the perfect solution. (read more)

Your Questions Answered

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Q: We have an employee who repeatedly requests time off as “emergency time off to care for dependants”. They claim that every time a child is ill they can take time off work to care for them. (read more)

How to Manage Office Snow Days

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It is nearly that time when we wait with baited breathe to see if the forecasters will predict snow and the bookies start betting on the chances of a white Christmas. (read more)

2019 Statutory Pay Rates Announced

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The Government has published the statutory rates for maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay and adoption pay to take effect from 7th April 2019. (read more)

The Importance of Signed Employment Contracts

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There is no law that says an employment contract has to be signed by both the employer and the employee to be valid. Terms of a contract can be accepted verbally (read more)
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