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Benefits of Taking Holiday for Employee and Employer

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According to the 2018 Glassdoor Annual Leave Survey, only 40% of employees in the UK take their maximum holiday allowance each year, with only 50% saying they were able to completely switch off and relax whilst out of the office. (read more)

Your Questions Answered

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Q: We are thinking of allowing some employees to work from home. What do we need to think about? (read more)

Simplified Online Right to Work Checks for Employers

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Since April 2018, employers have been able to use the Home Office Checking Service to check the right to work of migrants. By simply filling in the information on the Government website you can get a printout issued by the Home Office with the individual’s photo and whether or not they were entitled to work in the UK. (read more)

EU Case Law – Employers must Encourage Employees to take Holiday

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A case recently brought to the Court of Justice of the European Court by The German Courts highlighted the importance of ‘actively’ encouraging employees to use all of their annual leave each holiday year. (read more)

Increases to Automatic Enrolment Pension Contributions

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From 6th April 2019, the minimum contribution for employers into a workplace pension scheme will be increasing from 2% to 3% and the minimum contribution for employees and workers will increase from 3% to 5%. (read more)

Legal Right to Itemised Pay Slips

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Two new pieces of legislation are due to come into force on 6th April, 2019 under The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018 and also Amendment No. 2. (read more)

Payment in lieu of Holiday outstanding on the Death of an Employee

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Very sadly, we had a recent situation where an employee of one of our clients very suddenly passed away. The question arose as to whether or not his wife should be paid in lieu of the holiday he had accrued but not taken at the time of his death. (read more)
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