Our Clients
We work with clients large and small - and in all sectors
Enjoy hands-on support and practical guidance to help you grow
We offer outsourced HR advice and a bolt-on HR resource for:
  • Managing Directors and main board directors in companies with a turnover of £¼m upwards or around 15-100 employees

  • UK subsidiaries of larger international companies

  • Small business owners taking on their first employee(s) and needing guidance through the maze

  • Business owners grooming a business for sale

  • Accountancy firms looking to add extra value for their clients and an additional income stream
We're in business ourselves so we understand the challenges faced by businesses large and small, and everything we do is with a sharp awareness of today's commercial realities.

As our client you will be based in England or Wales, have a genuine interest in the welfare of your staff and want to work with them to grow your business. You may have your own in-house HR department but need to outsource specific projects. Equally, you may not be able to justify an HR team at the moment and want to 'bolt on' our HR resource whenever you need it.
We'd be delighted to explore how we can help your business grow. Call Crispin Rhodes today on 01908 576991 or Contact Us today