How We Work
Protect yourself against the pitfalls of employing staff
You may be concerned that professional HR advice will be expensive. Our aim is to keep things simple and to offer you excellent value for money:
  • Use us as a bolt-on member of your team for day-to-day issues. You don't have to know everything about employment legislation yourself - that's our job.

  • Call us in to help with specific projects

  • Access ongoing and unlimited HR advice at the end of the phone and by email, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, for a small monthly fee. You also enjoy automatic email updates to keep you ahead of ever-changing legislation
We're in business ourselves so we understand the challenges faced by businesses large and small, and everything we do is with a sharp awareness of today's commercial realities.

Working with Crispin Rhodes will cost you a lot less than if you put a foot wrong in the eyes of the law. We help you deal with all the issues - and show you that you do have options, even when the law seems punitive and prescriptive. We interpret the law in a way that's practical for your individual business, we show you what you can and can't say and do - and we can implement things for you or help you and your team do it yourselves. Most of all, we make sure that you, as our client, stay automatically up-to-date at all times.
No restrictive contracts - just expert HR help and advice whenever you need it

With Crispin Rhodes there's no restrictive long-term tie-in - you can simply use our services whenever you need to. We understand that certain issues are difficult to discuss during office hours, so we can also offer flexible hours where confidentiality is of particular concern.

All our fees are transparent. There are no hidden charges - and if you happen to find any, please let us know - we'll take them off the bill straight away.
Call Crispin Rhodes today on 01908 576991 or Contact Us to find out more about how we can help you.