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Human Resources and Outsourced Personnel Advice
No company that has followed Crispin Rhodes' advice has ever successfully been taken to a tribunal or has ever fallen foul of any HR-related legal minefield.
Complying with Employment Legislation
Do your HR policies and procedures comply with current law? Let us explain your obligations and help you develop the best solutions.
Discipline and Grievance
Take the right action at the right time in discipline and grievance situations. We show you the right things to do and say.
Recruitment and Psychometric Profiling
Make the right choice of candidate every time, let us show you how to use psychometric profiling and develop the right recruitment strategy.
When redundancies seem inevitable, explore your options and find out how you can cut back staff without jeopardising future growth.
Understand the different types of employment contract you can offer and build the right team to support the growth of your business..
Managing Absence
Reduce staff costs, minimise disruption, prevent long-term absence and improve motivation by tightly managing absenteeism.
Maternity, Paternity and Adoption
Find out about statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay and entitlements and ease the burden on your business. We help you manage this.
Communicate company-aligned goals effectively, evaluate employee performance and reward staff fairly.